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Senator John Cornyn Barking Points

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U.S. Senator John (Corn Dog) Cornyn


Barking Points:




Senator Cornyn’s voting record demonstrates a frightening disregard for the lives and welfare not only of Americans, but of people throughout the world.  The senator has a history of disregarding his constituents, and voting lock-step with President Bush, even as the President and his agenda have become overwhelmingly unpopular.  As he runs for re-election in 2008, Senator Cornyn will struggle to defend his record:




On the war in Iraq Five years after the invasion, almost 4,000 U.S. soldiers and over 655,000 Iraqis have died, and a majority of Americans polled are ready to bring our troops home. Yet, Sen. Cornyn continues to vote for war funding, and resists any legislation which would set a timetable for withdrawal.



On torture Sen. Cornyn was one of only nine senators who, in Oct. 2005, voted against the McCain amendment, which banned the use of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment against anyone in US government custody.



On children’s health insurance:  In Aug. 2007 Sen. Cornyn voted with the minority against expansion of the State Children’s Insurance Program to cover 9 million currently uninsured children.



On domestic spying Also in Aug. 2007 Sen. Cornyn voted for the “Protect America Act” which, likely in violation of the 4th amendment, allows U.S. intelligence officials to monitor, without a warrant, ‘suspicious’ communication originating inside the U.S.




Source for votes:  http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/c001056/key-votes/



Let Senator Cornyn know that Texans don’t need a Bush Lapdog who supports the war and torture and denies children health care.


Visit Senator Cornyn’s office:          Chase Tower, 221 West 6th St, Suite 1530


Contact Senator Cornyn:      www.cornyn.senate.gov; 


(512) 469-6034 (p); 


            (512) 469-6020 (f)



Alice Embree


Movement for a Democratic Society/Austin


mds-austin wiki




























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